The Oasis Institute has been inspired by the experiences of Suleika Jaouad, MFA, a graduate of Princeton University and New York Time writer, Anita Schorr, and Nicolette Asselin, M.D., author, and medical writer.

All three sustained a life changing event that caused a major disruption due to illnesses, abuse, war and needed to repurpose their lives. The process of rebuilding ones’ life, for example after many years of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, was very slow and took multiple years.

This is when the concept of researching  life repurposing was born and Nicolette Asselin founded the project of the Oasis Institute. Their life was interrupted by different unplanned events. How did they rebuild it? How can their successful experiences inspire novel concepts for others?


Now more than fifteen year into this project, all three have been effective in inspiring others, published their stories, and the Oasis Institute is involved in several projects aimed at finding new models and assisting in pilot projects.